What We Do

Our Purpose

The purpose of this corporation is to establish an association in Florida that undertakes studies, or contracts on its behalf, that are of interest to the State of Florida and/or intend to inform the Florida community of current and future challenges that face our global society, and in particular the State of Florida, and engage in discussions of how these challenges can be addressed.

Our Mission

  • The Academy undertakes studies on issues in science, engineering and medicine that should be of concern to the people in the state of Florida and provides unbiased, expert advice related to these issues.
  • To recognize the work of individuals in the State of Florida who have made major achievements in science, engineering and medicine.
  • To bring to the national and international forefront the state of the art research and education conducted in Florida’s universities, industries and other educational corporations.
  • To attract into the State of Florida individuals with impactful scientific accomplishments who have attained national and international recognition.
  • To enhance collaborations and partnerships of individuals and organizations in the State of Florida who have common research and educational pursuits, thus breaking geographical barriers for the benefit of the State, the nation and the global community.
  • To inspire the involvement and guide the direction of the future generations in science, engineering and medicine.