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Mina Teicher

Mina Teicher

Senior Executive Liaison for Outreach, Institute for Mathematical Sciences of the Americas | University of Miami

Abstract: New Ethics is needed for Brain-Computer Interface

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is in its very starting stage, but the societal challenges that we will face and the risks to individuals that will surface , can be foreseen already now.

A think- tank originally put by President Obama consisting of technology experts in neuro-technology and AI from Academia and industry, philosophers and legal experts, and representative of professional societies ( like myself) assembled ito draft a new Ethics for the new technology .

In my presentation I’ll elaborate on Brain -Computer interface and the risks involved , and and will present the rules we drafted divided to four categories of risks . I shall mention the implementations process and include a case study . The possibility of a quantum computer makes the need fit a new Ethics a more significant task .

The abstract of the work was published in NATURE, and the full article in the Journal of Ethics of neuro technology


Mina Teicher is Professor of Mathematics and Neuroscience, with an international reputation in algebraic geometry, computer vision, cyber security, computational neuroscience, complex systems and mathematical education. She earned her Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees from Tel-Aviv University and then was invited to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton as a postdoctoral fellow . She has been the Director of the Emmy Noether Research Institute for Mathematics at Bar-Ilan University.

Mina was the Vice-President for Research of Bar-Ilan University, in charge of commercialization of patents. She served as the Chief Scientist of the Israel government, the CEO of the Israel Space Agency, the Chair of the Board of the United-States-Israel Binational Science Foundation, the Co-Chair of Future and Emerging Technologies of the European Commission, the Vice-President of the International Commission for Mathematical Instruction, and a member of numerous Editorial Boards, Evaluation Committees and Advisory Boards.

She appeared on many prestigious platforms and universities in the USA, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand Currently, she is the chair of the National committee for Excellence in Science, Vice-President of the UNESCO Digital Campus for Complex Systems, member of the Advisory Board of Okinawa Institute Science and Technology, of the Mathematical Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and of the Miami Institute of the Mathematical Sciences of the Americas in the Univerddity of Miami, where she is leading the initiative "Advancing Women in Mathematics Across the Americas" (WIMSA).