Nomination Guidelines

  1. As a nominator you have to fill out the nomination form by clicking on the “Nominate A Member” button. Please make sure that you fill out the nomination form by the designated deadline. This is the deadline that was sent to you by the system and is also shown on your dashboard.
  2. The nomination form is restricted to 2-pages for all the information required.
  3. The nomination form requires that the nominator lists two references who would be willing to serve as such for the nominee. The two references can be (a) two ASEMFL members or (b) one ASEMFL member and one NASEM (National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine) member. At least two of the total number of three (nominator plus references) individuals need to be outside the nominee’s organization.
  4. You will have the option to save the nomination form and return to it as many times as needed for you to complete it. Once you submit the nomination form you cannot further edit it.
  5. Once a complete nomination form, including the names of the references (drop down menu with the list of ASEMFL members or a write-in NASEM name and e-mail) is submitted, an e-mail will be sent out to each reference requiring them to log in to the ASEMFL dashboard and submit the reference form by a designated deadline. Two weeks before the deadline for submitting the reference form the reference will be reminded that he/she needs to complete the reference form and you as a nominator will be copied on this e-mail. At this point you may want to contact the references separately and remind them to submit the reference form by the designated deadline.
  6. Once you submit the nomination form you will receive an email confirmation and the status of your nomination will also be displayed on the dashboard under “My Nomination”. Note, as a nominator you will not be able to see the reference forms submitted by your references.
  7. Once the nomination form and the reference forms are completed the package will be available to the ASEMFL Executive Director who will follow the ASEMFL Bylaws for further processing of the nominee’s nomination package.
  8. If you have a question about filling out the nomination form please e-mail (alternatively or call 407-823-3821.